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Agra Overnight Tour

Agra Overnight Tour

Traveling and exploring the world lies in the very basic nature of the mankind and it has been in the DNA of humans to explore what's hasn't been still discovered.

The Taj Mahal in Agra, India is one such destination which has its own strange charismatic ambiance. It is a fascinating view to see Taj Mahal with Agra Overnight Tour. Such is its long lasting effect that every year, millions get attracted to its beauty and Agra always remains saturated with tourists. Known as "a teardrop on the cheek of time", Taj Mahal is more than a tourist spot, it is a poet's inspiration.

When you decide to visit this alluring place, remember that if you are able to get a glimpse of the sunrise view it will be once in a lifetime moment which you won't be able to forget it ever.

To make your visit to Taj Mahal a lifetime experience Taj Mahal private tour has crafted a perfect short overnight tour. The tour has been specifically designed keeping in mind that you get to feel the charm of each place and not just come back simply viewing it. You will experience a lifetime moment when you will see the sunrise view of Taj Mahal and spend your night at a Taj facing hotel.

Itinerary of this Agra Overnight Tour


Day 01 :

Your tour shall start with a warm and affectionate greeting from your stay in Delhi, be it the airport or hotel and then we will continue our journey to Agra via Yamuna Expressway, the 240 km long expressway will make you reach your destination in less than 3 hours and you will be taken straight to your hotel in Agra as we understand that for a satisfying experience your body needs to be completely refreshed.

The first place you will visit on this tour is Agra Fort. 4000 workers were employed to craft this piece of art in 1573 on Emperor Akbar's wish. Built to serve as a recreational home for the royal family but later on, Akbar shifted his capital to Agra and his throne to Agra Fort.

The Mughal Dynasty continued to rule from Agra fort until the capital was again shifted to Delhi around 1638. Sensing the importance and the vast history associated with the place it has now been transformed into a Royal Museum.

Next, we halt at the Tomb of Itmad-Ud-Daula which is also sometimes referred to as Baby Taj and it isn't located at a far distance and it is also quite beautiful. Once we leave Baby Taj you must have been already tired after a busy day and we will drop you back to your hotel.


Day 02 :

Next day early morning just remember to reach Taj Mahal so as to experience once in a lifetime moment of seeing the sunrise from there, when the first ray of sun will fall on Taj and the beauty it will create you will be mesmerized to witness it.

As beautiful as Taj Mahal is, it has some interesting and quite dramatic stories associated with it. But tales apart, it is a magnificent experience to see the beauty of Taj from inside and afterward relax in the cool breeze flowing at the back of Taj along river Yamuna and enjoy those cherishing moments of your life.

After all this, we will head back to the hotel for breakfast and then it will be time for checkout. Our tour will finish at Fatehpur Sikri which is also an alluring town not very far from Agra. The town was carefully and beautifully planned until a drought hit the town and destroyed it. From the remains of the town, it is still evident that during old days the town had a powerful presence.

With this, our overnight tour to Agra will come to a beautiful end and then we will take you back to your hotel or airport in Delhi.

Note- The above-mentioned plan has been prepared after due discussion and planning but shall there be any special request and customization you need, feel comfortable to share your views with us. We can also plan your tour as per your request and demands.

*Note - The below itinerary is a suggested one. We can do customization in SAME DAY TAJ MAHAL TOUR BY CAR package to make an itinerary as per your comfort, special interest and requirement which can be adding new places to visit or changing the sequence of whole package.

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