Kind Attention Visitor: All public Museums and Monuments including Taj Mahal will remain closed till April 14, 2020 to combat the spread of Corona Virus.

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Everyone desires of spending some memorable moments with their loved ones, travelling in a comfortable transportation, staying at luxurious accommodation and exploring the majestic beauty of some of the most remarkable monuments. If you dream about the same, we have something special to offer you. At Taj Mahal Private Tour, we present you the most luxurious and comfortable journeys of Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal Private Tour is a leading supplier of personalized tours to Agra and Taj Mahal. We present you a range of trips to the Taj, including Same Day Taj Mahal Tours, Taj Mahal Sunrise Tours, Taj Mahal Moonlight Tours, Taj Mahal Overnight Tours and much more.

Taj mahal private day tour

With a proven track record of providing highly personalized private tours to Agra, we make your journeys a pleasant experience. With us, you get to explore the outstanding monuments of Agra in a complete different way. What we offer you is not just the most affordable journey packages, but we promise you the most personalized services, be it in terms of accommodation, transportation, guide and excursion.

Since centuries, Taj Mahal has remained the heartthrob of millions of tourists from across the globe. In a country like India where an abundance of travel attractions are present with mesmerizing appeal, sitting at the top of the list needs something special. Taj Mahal has that special thing, in terms of architecture, historical value and charisma. This is why tourists choose this destination as their preferred journey location, and this is also the reason why we choose Taj Mahal as our centre of attraction.

If you are expecting a memorable journey to Taj, expect a lot more with us. Expect a team that provides you best possible services, and count on us for those beautiful memories we'll fill in your bag upon completion of your journey. And no need to mention, we are known for offering highly affordable journeys since we strongly believe that services are useful when affordable.


Our Mision

Exploring the beauty of Taj could be one experience, but exploring it with Taj Mahal Private Tour will be a complete new experience. Our mission is to make the most beautiful building in the world even more beautiful, by pouring the taste of care, love and personalization.

We work to give you the ideal travelling experience and we work to remain in your heart for many more years to go, even after you complete your journey. Everything is planned carefully and personally to make sure you get the finest services at minimum expenses.

Our Vision

Being the most reputed holiday provider was sometimes our vision but we have already achieved that, with your love and trust. Now, we see ourselves at some other milestones a few years down the line.

We vision for a day when thinking about the Taj brings a smile on your face, and we vision for a day when thinking about us bring a sigh of relief and trust in your heart.