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Since ages, men have a deep desire of exploring what's undiscovered and what's proven to be worth discovering. Agra, and more prominently Taj Mahal, is one such destination that has remained in the checklist of millions of tourists. Every man desires to visit this place at least once in his lifetime because this marvellous monument has acquired higher reputation than just a historical monument. It has become a lover's dream, a poet's inspiration and a traveller's ideal hangout.

However, the Sunrise View of Taj Mahal is a bigger desire than just exploring the Taj Mahal. It is well said that put all great sights in the world at one side and compare them with the Sunrise View of Taj, and the latter one will win with a big margin.

So be prepared to witness the same charisma and elegance with Taj Mahal Private Tour. In our Agra Overnight Tour, we do not only take you to some of the most remarkable destinations in Agra, but we allow you to experience the majestic Sun Rise View of Taj, and a night-out in a Taj Facing hotel. Let's start the trip:


Day 01 :

On the first day of the trip, our representative will pick you up from your hotel or Airport in Delhi. After a short welcome, we shall drive towards Agra. Complete the 240km distance in less than 3 hours over silky Yamuna Expressway. Upon arrival, check into your hotel in Agra and rest for a while.

Later, go out to explore the first destination in the list, the Agra Fort. Built by Mughal Emperor Akbar in the year 1573, the Fort took the shape with hard work of 4,000 workers. Initially, the Fort was built as a recreational home for the Royal Family. However, later Akbar moved his capital to Agra and Agra Fort served as their seat of power.

The Agra Fort served as the capital of Mughal Dynasty until 1638 before the powerhouse was moved to Red Fort in Delhi. Considering the historical importance and marvellous architecture of the Fort, it was converted into a Royal Museum. Even today, the fort serves as a museum housing innumerable belongings of the erstwhile rulers.

Next destination in our list is Baby Taj, or the Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daula. Located at a short distance from its larger counterpart, the Baby Taj is a beautiful monument with immense historical value.

After visiting these places, return to your hotel for an overnight stay. The journey continues on Day-2.


Day 02 :

Early morning, leave your bed and rush towards Taj Mahal. Make sure to beat the Sun in reaching there because our aim would be to enjoy the Sunrise View of Taj. This is certainly the most beautiful view in the whole universe. When fresh rays of the Sun fall on the crystal white marble, a reflection and charisma is created that leaves you mesmerized.

A lot has been written and spoken about the history and construction of Taj, and the epic stories of the love of Shah Jahan and Mumtaj Mahal are already on everyone's tongue. So leave these tales and explore something that is yet to be explained. Visit the main Taj Mahal complex and enjoy its mesmerizing beauty from inside. But something more astonishing is waiting for you.

Head towards the backside of Taj Mahal, the side facing River Yamuna. During early mornings, the cool breeze passing over Yamuna makes the entire atmosphere hypnotic. Spend some time here and feel the breeze speaking the tales of this immensely beautiful monument.

Return to your hotel for breakfast and then checkout from your hotel. Our last destination in the journey would be Fatehpur Sikri, a beautiful town located at a short distance from Agra. Before the Mughal Capital was moved to Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri was the house of power for the Dynasty. The town was established in a way that it had every possible amenity the residents would need. However, the bad days were yet to come. A severe draught hit the town, leaving it in ruins. The remains of the powerful town can still be seen in the buildings and monuments present here, though in ruins.

And with this, the Agra Overnight Tour ends here. We shall drive back to Delhi where you will be dropped back to your hotel or Airport. Taj Mahal Private Tour thanks you for being a wonderful traveller.

*Note - The below itinerary is a suggested one. We can do customization in SAME DAY TAJ MAHAL TOUR BY CAR package to make an itinerary as per your comfort, special interest and requirement which can be adding new places to visit or changing the sequence of whole package.

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