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Tajmahal with Car

If you are someone who leaves his journey plans on weekends, visiting Taj Mahal has become easier. This is because now you do not have to disturb your busy schedule or to plan out your vacations for a long time. Taj Mahal Private Tour provides a convenient and short Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car in which you will be able to visit Taj Mahal and other prominent destinations in Agra in shortest time possible, in one day.

Since many years, we have been providing affordable and comfortable Taj Mahal Tours. With our award winning services, highly comfortable transportation and friendly support, we have emerged as the leading supplier of Taj Mahal tours. All these features can be experienced in this short journey of the Taj with us. The journey starts from Delhi and concludes at the same place after covering Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Baby Taj in Agra. The tour itinerary goes as follows:


Pick up from Delhi :

Early morning, our representative will reach at your preferred location with a comfortable car. We may pick you up from your hotel or from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. From here, we shall drive towards Agra on Yamuna Expressway. The 240km distance shall be covered in less than 3 hours.


Taj Mahal :

As soon as you reach Agra, head towards Taj Mahal. The Symbol of Love has become a Symbol of Indian Tourism in no time. Every single year, millions of tourists come to India just to explore the majestic beauty of this remarkable monument. Located beautifully on the banks of River Yamuna, Taj Mahal is an architectural marvel that has equal importance in history, culture and traditions of India.

The story behind Taj Mahal goes as such. Mumtaj Mahal, wife of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, died while giving birth to her 14th child. Shah Jahan felt the need to build something that may complement the unparallel beauty of Mumtaj and his love for his wife. Thus, the idea of Taj Mahal popped into his mind and he asked 25,000 workers to bring his idea into reality.

It took these workers as long as 22 years to build something unbelievable. And remember, it was 16th century when the monument was built, with limited resources and no technologies. Even today, with cutting-edge technologies and machinery, it seems impossible to replicate what Shah Jahan did some 350 years ago.

The grave of Mumtaj Mahal was set in the centre chamber of Taj where she still resides in peace. However, the unfortunate Emperor could not see the monument taking final shape as his son Aurangzeb put him behind bars. But as per his final wish, Shah Jahan was buried in the same Taj Mahal complex along with his wife.

That was about the history. Now when we come to the architecture of Taj, no words can explain what it boasts in form of beauty. An identical structure from all directions was made so flawlessly that it surprises the best of architectures in the world.

No words can actually describe the beauty and importance of Taj Mahal. It can be felt, by being there, and by spending a few hours there. Grab this opportunity and witness something that has become the synonym for creativity, romance and excellence.


Baby Taj :

Now another monument that may not match the elegance of Taj but can be placed on the next available spot is Baby Taj, the Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daula. Located at a fair distance from Taj Mahal, this monument seems like a smaller replica of Taj and thus got the name of Baby Taj. Undoubtedly, it's a must visit place for history and architecture lovers.


Lunch :

Post visiting these places, we shall enter the Bon Barbeque Restaurant to enjoy a delicious lunch. The journey resumes post lunch.


Agra Fort :

In the story of Shah Jahan, Agra Fort played a crucial role. It is the same place where Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son. Sometimes remained the seat of power for Mughal Dynasty, Agra Fort of today is a massive museum housing some remarkable belongings of the erstwhile rulers.

Agra Fort was built by Akbar as the capital of his empire and the Fort served the purpose for many decades. Ideally, the Fort has seen the rise and collapse of the Mughal Empire and thus has many stories in itself.


Departure :

With visiting Agra Fort, our Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car ends here. We shall drive back to Delhi to your preferred location. Our representative will drop you back at your hotel or Indira Gandhi International Airport. Taj Mahal Private Tour thanks you for choosing us.

*Note - The below itinerary is a suggested one. We can do customization in SAME DAY TAJ MAHAL TOUR BY CAR package to make an itinerary as per your comfort, special interest and requirement which can be adding new places to visit or changing the sequence of whole package.

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